Art Events

  1. Helvetica

This was the movie that we watched in class about the font Helvetica. This was the first time that I was exposed to the font, because I had seen the font before, but I did not know the actual name of the font.  After watching the video is was crazy how often I saw the font throughout the world, and in a way, the video made me be more aware of type in the world.  I also learned the reputation that the font Helvetica has, and it made me respect the font itself.

2.Ab-soul concert


This was an event that was hosted at UC Riverside on May 4th. Ab-soul is one of my favorite hip-hop artist; especially because he is very lyrical in his songs.  I will definitely remember this night because he is one of my favorite artist, and he was even better live.  The only thing that I didn’t like about the show was the fact that Ab-Soul was not the main event of the night. I definitely do respect the artist even more after watching him preform live.

3.Cruising Grand


On April 26th I attended a Escondido local event called Cruising Grand.  This event takes place every Friday from April to September. At this event there are classic cars that are out on the street for display and there is usually bands playing throughout the night.  The classic cars themselves are a work of art, especially because they are so old and still manage to look like they are in their prime. I felt respect for the owners of these classic cars because in a way their cars are a work of art, and it takes a lot of time and dedication to keep these cars in tip-top shape.

4.Upper County Exchange 

This was an event that was taken place on May 4th in San Diego. At this event there was a lot of different graffiti artist and rappers. The graffiti artists were allowed to display their artwork on different walls, and the rappers preformed throughout the morning.  Watching the graffiti artist was very interesting to me because I found it very fascinating the ability of control these artist had on the spray can. This was one of the reasons why I respect graffiti artists more because it is not just vandalism; it is art when it is done right.

5.Paid Dues (March 30th)

On March 30th I attend a famous Hip-Hop festival called Paid Dues, which was located in San Bernardino. At this event there was over 20 hip-hop artists that preformed throughout the day, and there are multiple artist preforming at the same time because there are three different stages. This was a memorable day because I saw a lot of my favorite artist. I respect these artists even more now because they all take part of their time to organize this huge event.

6.The Art Hatch

On April 18th I visited The Art Hatch which is a art gallery in Escondido.  I was surprised by the amount of different artwork there was, and I enjoyed looking at all the different styles the artist have.  I also saw a specific art piece that was made out of an empty soda can, and this made me appreciate the artist because they definitely thought outside the box.